3 Produk Khas Garut Yang Terkenal

Oleh Oleh Khas Garut - Dodol Garut is a sundanese snack from Garut. There are many kind of dodol, namely dodol wijen, dodol kacang |(made from nuts) dodol buah (made from fruits) and event chocolate with dodol in it (chocodot / chocodol). There are many store and gift shops who sells dodol along the city streets in Garut. besides famous dodol, arrowroot also has three distinctive products arrowroot include:

3 Produk Khas Garut

1. Akar Wangi 

Akar Wangi is one of the competitive typical commodity from District Garut, as one of the basic ingredients for parfume manufacture and souvenir handycrafts like bags, shelfs, wall decoration and etc. 

2. Batik Garutan

Batik Garut are known as Batik Tulis Garutan, has existed since 1870. The Batik motive are reflecting the social life anda cheerfull sundanese customs. The motives formed geometric or flora and fauna. Cream is a dominant colour combained with bright colours. For now, Batik Garutan manufacture are consentrate in Garut City.

3. Kain Sutra 

Garut once known for silk fabric producer, starting from silk fabric and silk weaving. The typical motives for weaving are geometric and flowery. The process starts from spinning, dyeing, and writing until it become a whole meter of weaving fabric. Weaving cillage located in Sukajaya village Kec. Tarogong Kidul Kab. Garut.

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